I am originally from New Zealand but moved to Edinburgh, Scotland when I was 8. I ended up studying Mechanical Engineering at The University of Bath and emerging with an MEng (Hons) in it. I also worked near London for a bit over a year as an undergraduate and was given the opportunity to travel around Europe on an European Commission funded sustainable development project. During that time I also wrote an award winning article on Ecology and Technology for a writing competition held by The Independent.

Since leaving University I have moved around the UK a bit settling in the North West of England for the last few years. I have worked a variety of jobs to make ends meet (office admin, cleaner, deli assistant…) but my long term passion for Sustainable Development remains. I have also become increasingly interested in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (I considered changing degrees to study that).

In my spare time I play a lot of video games, in particular World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games. I have guild and raid led quite a bit which has taught me more than expected. Gaming is my main escapism for when I am not in the mood for real life or being productive.

I really enjoy cycling and when the mood takes me there are some beautiful rides around the area I live in. I like playing football, watching rugby and used to practise some martial arts (Tai Chi, Karate, Judo, Kung Fu). I like reading, primarily (but not only) fantasy such as A Song of Ice and Fire, Tolkien, Wheel of Time and Raymond E Feist books. I miss travelling and going to festivals as I haven’t really had the chance to do so for a few years but hope to make the opportunity for myself soon, especially a long overdue visit back to New Zealand.

I really enjoy music of a fairly large variety but not generally much pop, emo or country western. I enjoy metal nights and raves, be it drum and bass or psytrance. I like some classical music and used to play the Viola and sing in a school choir… my uncle is a very talented cellist and I enjoy listening to him.

Finally I’ll list some primary inspirations for this Blog. First of all  Another Angry Voice who is thoroughly researched and always an interesting read. Secondly I often read The Guardian and The Canary though I have reservations about both, in particular the more partisan pieces. They do still have some good pieces, from The Guardian Owen Jones and Paul Mason in particular. John Pilger and his books (such as Tell Me No Lies), and investigative journalism in general, are influences. I cannot claim to be conducting investigative journalism but it is an inspiration none the less.

Further influences are Crash Course on Youtube (and the Vlog Brothers and their other works) who did some very interesting videos on history, philosophy and other areas. Well produced, entertaining and informing. CPG Grey who has also made some fantastic videos and was the first informative youtuber I got into. Kurzgesat is similar though I have seen less of his work so far. I am hoping to make some Youtube videos of my own eventually.